Revolutionise Mining Safety Through AI and Robotics

Earlier this year, Enaex Africa and Stellenbosch University (SU) partnered to accelerate the development of AI and robotics for the African mining industry. This collaboration will build local expertise in these fields while focusing on a core goal: improving the safety of deep underground mining operations. To support this, Enaex Africa has agreed to fund a research chair in AI and robotics in mining at Stellenbosch University for the next three years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The company’s focus on automating traditional mining methods seeks to remove the need for miners to work underground. This will both enhance safety and create new, technology-focused jobs. The partnership with Stellenbosch University’s robotics department places this initiative at the cutting edge of research, prioritizing safety, sustainability, and efficiency.

A Vision for Safer, More Innovative Mining

Enaex Africa CEO, Francisco Baudrand, elaborated on the company’s vision: 

“We are committed to transforming mining into a safer, more efficient, and technologically advanced industry. Our collaboration with Stellenbosch University is a major milestone in achieving this goal. By moving into autonomous processes and incorporating AI, we aim to reduce costs, improve safety and efficiency, and optimize energy use.”

Dr. Callen Fisher, now the Enaex Africa Research Chair in Mining Robotics and Senior Lecturer at SU’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, emphasized the focus on student development: “Upskilling students to create cutting-edge robotics and AI systems is central to this initiative. They are the ones who will shape the future of mining.”

Stellenbosch University aims to foster the next generation of innovators and promote sustainability within mining robotics. “By cultivating young talent, we hope to infuse mining practices with a spirit of innovation and long-term sustainability,”  Dr. Fisher added.

Final Thoughts

This strategic partnership is a major step toward revolutionizing mining. It unites industry expertise with academic knowledge to tackle critical safety challenges and drive innovation for a sustainable future.

The collaboration between Enaex Africa and Stellenbosch University demonstrates a deep commitment to advancing mining technology, ensuring a safer and more efficient industry.