Water saving rockstar, Prof. Thinus Booysen, featured on Cape Talk

CapeTalk and Shoprite have partnered in a special campaign aimed at saving water at schools across Cape Town.

The campaign involves the installation of a special water monitoring device called the Dropula, at schools. This device is designed by Prof Thinus Booysen, a lecturer at Stellenbosch University. The Dropula monitors water usage and flow. It is a smart meter that attaches to the municipal meters that supply the school. The information is disseminated and sent to the teachers, head masters and the children for them to see their consumption level.

The school will also have access to a dashboard which alerts them to a sudden changes or problem with water usage or flow. Once there’s an alert a maintenance team is dispatched to the site (school, business etc) to pinpoint the fault. The device has been installed in 6 schools to date. You can read more about the water saving initiative for the schools at www.schoolswater.co.za.

Have a look at the interview on Cape Talk. You can also read more about Prof. Booysen’s company behind the Dropula at www.bridgiot.co.za.