Staff at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering rises to the challenge during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many teaching and learning challenges in higher education. As the lockdown took root, and new rules were ushered in on social distancing, it not only rendered face-to-face teaching impossible but also required of every one of our lecturers and staff members to be supportive and innovative on a daily basis. We knew that above all, we must deliver each academic programme to ensure that the students of our Department can successfully complete their 2020 study year.

We are proud that during these unprecedented times with fairly little preparation time, some technological teething problems and COVID-19 undoubtedly testing the commitment of each of us, we have successfully ventured into remote teaching/learning and are currently going full steam ahead with examinations. We know one thing: What we do today will determine how we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis tomorrow.

We will soon start gearing up for 2021 admissions and registrations. Watch this space!

Finally, Universities should be sensitive to students’ lived realities during this time as well as the pressures placed on them to complete their studies For more information on Stellenbosch University’s student support during the COVID-19 pandemic click here.